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Obesity services offered in San Ramon, CA

As a mind, body, and eating coach and medical doctor, Daniel Rieders, MD, FACC, FHRS, CCDS, IFMCP, is exceptionally qualified to help if you struggle with obesity. At Peninsula Integrative Cardiology in San Ramon, California, Dr. Rieders uses a variety of treatments and therapies to help you lose weight and improve your overall health. Obesity is a combination of complex factors, and Dr. Rieders enables you to manage them all. Call today to set up an in-person or telehealth appointment or use this website to schedule online.

Obesity Q & A

Why should I be concerned with obesity?

Obesity is common, affecting more than 40% of Americans. Obesity doesn’t have one cause. It results from a unique combination of factors, including genetics, lifestyle habits, underlying conditions, hormonal imbalances, or psychological issues. 

If you have a body mass index, or BMI, of 30 or higher, you’re considered obese. 

Obesity greatly increases your risk of developing disease and suffering a poor quality of life. With weight loss, you can achieve:

  • More energy
  • Less body fat
  • Better muscle definition and improved contours
  • Low risk of chronic disease
  • Self-confidence

With the obesity therapies offered at Peninsula Integrative Cardiology, you lose weight to look and feel your best, improve your health, and increase your life expectancy. 

Is obesity therapy right for me?

If you’re obese, seeking support to lose weight can only help you improve your health and wellbeing. Dr. Rieders customizes a plan that considers your lifestyle, preferences, current health, medications, and psychological struggles.

He uses his medical training to recommend blood tests, urine tests, heart-function testing, or other diagnostic tests to detect or rule out nutrient deficiencies and other medical problems. 

As a mind, body, and eating coach, Dr. Rieders offers diet and exercise guidelines and psychological support for your weight-loss journey. He’s uniquely positioned to help you overcome plateaus and work through motivation challenges. You’ll benefit from the support and accountability he can provide.

What coaching strategies do you use in obesity therapy?

Training as a mind, body, and eating coach means that Dr. Rieders can help you achieve weight loss far more effectively than you can on your own. Some of the many benefits you can expect from his coaching include:

  • Effective weight loss
  • Better sleep
  • Enhanced energy
  • Improved nutrition
  • Exceptional fitness
  • Mood improvements
  • Self-confidence 
  • Reduced chronic disease risks

Dr. Rieders offers motivation and support, so you stay on track with long-term body goals.

Set up an appointment to learn more about how you can overcome obesity with the help of Dr. Rieders at Peninsula Integrative Cardiology. Call today or use this website to schedule your in-person or telehealth appointment online.